Monday, December 4, 2006

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

I had the privilege of being visited by my parents this weekend. As usual, the kids did a pretty good job of keeping them entertained/occupied more than they'd ever been able to imagine. It's always astounding to me that they can manage to stick around for more than one night at a time. That's patience right there!

They've been jet setting all over creation (or rather, RV'ing all over the So. Cal. desert), and this will likely be my last opportunity to see them for quite a while as they stray farther afield over the winter months. Exotic places like Bangkok, Thailand AND Windsor, Ontario (no less!!!!) are now on their itineraries in some combination of the two of them. Ontario I can claim no responsibility for, but I've been filling their heads about Thailand for the past 3 years since I visited there. How much fun I had, how good the food was, how CHEAP everything was, how beautiful the sights and the people were... (HAHA, I almost feel guilty about what it'll be like for them when they actually get there!!! Almost... ;)

I like my parents! In some ways we're so different from each other, but these are mostly blown away by all of the ways in which we are similar. I've got to admit, however, that I've spent some considerable time contemplating this portrait in an attempt to determine which one I more closely resemble. (Indeed, whether I resemble either of them)

It must be nice to be finished with raising kids and work; to have the freedom to come and go as one pleases, where one pleases, and when one pleases... (oh, please! :) Ah well. Safe travels, Ma & Pa! I love you!

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