About me

Unlikely portrait.
(I have a beard and am drinking tea)
Long ago, I provided a brief personal profile for this blog.  Years passed, and it became woefully outdated.  And yet it persisted!

This is not that description.

I am married to a beautiful wife, and we have adopted a family of 8 children together.  We have moved half-way across the country with the hope of providing them with better opportunities as they mature and prepare to leave the nest.  It goes without saying that you will not find rocket science in this blog.  This is my place to write for enjoyment, and in any event, no reader worth two wooden nickels would give serious consideration to the words of one who adopted 8 kids at once, anyway.  

And while I love to write (or DID at one time), I have not done so for a number of years.  Explaining what changed that would threaten to delve into rocket science and the metaphysical, so please refrain from asking if you can...

Thank you