Sunday, November 12, 2006

Totally Irresponsible

It's been seldom in recent years that I've had the opportunity to experience a bout of guilt-free irresponsibility. That's why I appreciate my family as much as I do.

The most recent of these took place over the November 11th long weekend, which found me motoring my way down to the Indio/Palm Desert area. There, I spent some time with the neice and nephew, but even more time accomplishing absolutely NOTHING with my Father and brother. It's quite refreshing to have the opportunity to kick up your heels and do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it...

As it turns out, I apparently wanted to sleep as I ended up going to bed earlier than I do at home each night in general. SEE?! With all that freedom, you really get down to livin' on the wild side.
(Sometimes I miss being a kid)
In between, we managed to find our way to some deep sand, which we did our best to push out of the desert with the sole aid of 4 madly spinning wheels. You can sure churn up a lot of sand if you crank the steering wheel over while keeping the pedal floored in first or second gear. Besides accomplishing adeptly the honourable but highly neglected task of filling the air filter with dust and sand, we also managed to nearly bury the car a couple of times. Despite our best efforts to permanently alter the landscape, alas! The desert remains just as we found it. (Which is fine by me, because it leaves the opportunity to go out and do it all over again!!)

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Ron said...

Sounds like a fantastic week end. RG